Cardiff Devils

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We advise a minimum download speed of 3MBPS to view this webstream.
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Before Booking, Please remember the following
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    When paying through PayPal or purchasing through selected  Debit cards, your email address will be used to receive your unique ticket code.
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  • Compatibility
    The Cardiff Devils webstream can be viewed on PC or Mac as well as Android or iOS devices. (Hudl is not supported)
    Recent issues with iOS 8.1 & 8.1.3 can give problems watching livestreams - Please have an alternative device available or purchase at your own risk.
  • Download Speed
    In order to receive our stream a minimum download speed of 3 mbps IS REQUIRED.
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  • Browsers
    The webstream is compatible with all browsers, however we advise using Firefox for the best results. Our test viewing of the stream is with Firefox.
  • Buffering / Freezing issues
    When viewing any webstream you may experience intermittent freezing or buffering issues.
    Unless there is an issue with our sending the webstream, this will likely be a local network or browser problem.
    We would ask that you refresh the webpage, or reload the browser to resolve these.

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