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Please Ensure you have provided a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS when ordering your Live Stream.  Your unique viewing code will be sent to the e mail address provided or attached to your PayPal account used to order.

All Transmissions are Compatible with all IOS Devices (I Pad & I Phone), Android Devices and Selected SMART TV's

Prior to signing up to our Live Stream we recommend you take the following steps:

Test your download speed at http://www.speedtest.net

We recommend a minimum download speed of 4MBPS in order to watch the game smoothly.

If viewing on Android device or SMART TV

You will need to ensure that you have downloaded a compatible video player on your device.  These are available free of charge from your app store.

If viewing on PC  (we advise using Firefox as a Browser for best view, please avoid Chrome)

Ensure that you have deleted your temporary internet files before viewing and 'cleared cache' on your browser settings.

Please also ensure that you have no other programmes or files downloading during Live Streaming

In the event of buffering/freezing we recommend that you try rebooting your router or clicking F5 to refresh page during Live View.
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